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Life Insurance

Quote Search reviews all the major life insurance companies in the market place and brings the results into one website.

Quote Search have also created a number of articles to help you understand and choose which life insurance is right for you.

Life Insurance Companies

Abbey Life Insurance - A comprehensive protection scheme for growing families from Abbey, the new name for Abbey National.

Barclays Life Insurance - Easy online application for term policies; but a tied-agent philosophy for other products.

Eagle Star Life Insurance - Long-established and fiscally stable, a bit old-fashioned, but innovative at times.

Equitable Life Assurance Society - The last hurrah of a brand not allowed to pitch for your business.

Friends Provident Life Assurance - Well designed, good for clarity and ease of use. Shame the quote system isn’t perfect.

Nationwide Life Insurance - From family cover to mortgage insurance and packages for the over-55s, Nationwide Life Insurance has something for everyone.

Prudential Life Insurance - Mortgage cover and a slightly tweaked term life policy with a lump sum benefit are the cornerstone of the Pru’s life offering.

Standard Life Insurance - A wide range of products, and worth using as a benchmark before approaching other companies.

Tesco Life Insurance - Clear and concise until you get to the online application… which doesn’t always work.

Windsor Life Assurance - An independent, direct life office offering long-term tax-efficient investments.

Life Insurance Articles

Low Cost Life Insurance - Navigating the maze of providers who have bolstered the term assurance market.

Critical Illness Life Insurance - Cover that gives you money before you die so you can decide what you want to do with it.

Life Insurance Information - Where to find honest and impartial advice before buying life insurance.

Life Insurance Quotation - The structure of life quotations and contracts.

Competitive Term Life Insurance - How to be sure you’re getting a decent term life deal.

UK Life Insurance Cover - Big changes in the UK life insurance market.

UK Life Assurance Company - Pointers to picking the right life assurance company.

Low Cost Term Life Insurance - Ensuring that value for money doesn’t also mean disappointment.

Life Insurance Cover - A quick look at some cover options when taking out life insurance

Life Insurance - Special advice about life insurance for the happily retired!

Discount Life Assurance - How brokers keep offering you value by reducing their commissions.

Mortgage Life Assurance - A life policy to neatly cover the cost of your mortgage

Joint Term Life Insurance - Covers two (or occasionally more) people interdependently.

UK Life Assurance - How the life assurance market is split up into several often confusing products.

Mortgage Life Insurance - The policy which protects your lender in the event of your untimely death before the mortgage is paid off.

Life Insurance Policy - Examining the trade-in value and options for trading policies to maximum value.

Mortgage Life Insurance Quote - Cheap cover to ensure your mortgage gets paid off… but it’s only protection for your lender!

Life Insurance in the UK - A quick comparison between term policies and whole-of-life policies.

Life Insurance Quote UK - Avoiding the pitfalls to get a deal that’s not just good on paper.

Life Insurance Direct - Why going to a broker can still make financial sense.

Mortgage Life Assurance UK - How to match your life policy to your mortgage without spending too much.

Term Life Insurance UK - A summary of the benefits and drawbacks of term insurance policies.

Term Life Insurance Rate - Assessing the factors which determine the cost of your life insurance

Level Term Life Insurance - The most basic and most competitive type of life product available.

Life Insurance Rate - Your personal circumstances allied with the occasionally benevolent nature of brokers can positively affect the price you pay.

Life Insurance Critical Illness Cover - How critical illness cover empowers you to spend your life policy money the way you want to.

Discount Life Insurance - How discounting by a broker can make their middleman status of great value to you the consumer.

Life Assurance UK - Using life assurance policies to reduce your tax burden.

Life Insurance UK - A discussion of the regulatory environment in which life policies are sold.

Life Insurance Quote - Will you save for your kids, enjoy your dotage selfishly, or simply need round the clock care?

Life Insurance Term - What is the life insurance term, and how does it affect premiums?

Standard Life Assurance Company - Why Standard Life is one of the world's most important life assurers.

Term Life Insurance Policy - A look at five different types of term life policy and their respective benefits.

UK Life Insurance - The types of product in the UK life insurance marketplace.

Term Life Insurance Quote - What sort of term life product matches your needs?

Decreasing Term Life Insurance - Life cover designed to take care of outstanding debts.

Life Insurance Agent - The people who sell life policies, and whether you need them at all.

Life Insurance Broker - Why IFA’s are usually the best brokers and how they charge.

Mortgage Life Insurance UK - How mortgage life insurance works and what it will cost.

Life Insurance Quotation UK - How to get a life insurance quote without being stung for unwanted bolt-ons.

Life insurance company - The pitfalls of finding the right life insurance company.

Compare Life Insurance - It’s easy to compare term assurance deals online, but bargains still require you to shop around.

Term Life Assurance UK - Cast your net wide to research the market before buying.

Life Insurance Comparison - Comparing the different types of life insurance policy.

Insurance Life - Know what you want before you buy to ensure a good deal at the right price.

Level Term Life Insurance UK - A discussion of level term cover- the simplest but most basic form of cover.

Term Life Insurance - A discussion of cheap and flexible term life cover options.

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance - The type of life policy which pays off your mortgage if you die before it expires.

Combined Life Insurance - Combined policies potentially simplify buying insurance cover, but might cost more in the long run.

Term Life Assurance - A quick look at term life policies and how they work.

Group Life Assurance - Life assurance for the workplace.

Quote life insurance - Whole of life policies depend on market movement, and your buying decision should in part be based on fund management track records.

Life Insurance Company UK - How to find the right life insurance deal without buying extras you don’t need.

Cheapest Life Insurance - How to reduce the cost of the policy you buy without losing cover.

Life Assurance Pension - Mixing life assurance and pension considerations can be a dangerous compromise or a tax benefit.

Guaranteed Life Insurance - Why guaranteed life policies are a double edged sword.

Cheap Life Insurance UK - Why term life cover is generally the cheapest on the market.

Cheap Life Insurance Quote - Term assurance is generally extremely economical, but reviewable premiums can be either beneficial or a drag.

Cheap Life Insurance - How to make your money go further when buying life products.

Life Assurance Cover - Three good reasons why you do need life insurance cover!

Assurance Cover Critical Illness Life - Life cover that pays out before you die- often used for medical care or sheer enjoyment.

Life Assurance Rate - The factors which affect the rate you pay, and some sample best buys.

Best Life Insurance - Making sure you buy the right product and the right level of cover.

Affordable Life Assurance - There are plenty of options among whole-of-life policies for the price-sensitive consumer.

Life Assurance Policy - How trusts can efficiently manage your estate in a tax-efficient fashion.

Cheapest Life Assurance - Life assurance usually has an investment value, and therefore performance is as important as price.

Cheap term life insurance - The paradox in cost between term life cover and critical illness cover.

Life assurance Rate UK - How to go shopping for the best life policy rates.

Life Assurance Premium - The dangers of not keeping premiums up to date, and how to ensure you’re protected.

Life assurance Quote UK - where the money goes when you buy a life insurance policy.

Life assurance company - You can’t judge a book by its cover. Or an insurance company by its brand name.

Life Assurance - Some first thoughts on buying life assurance

Cheap Life Assurance - Why the cheapest policy may not be so cheerful!

Affordable Term Life Insurance - What determines the rates we pay for life cover, and how to maximise your return.

Affordable Life Insurance - The difference between term and whole-life policies; plus some other attractive options.

Life Assurance Quotation - Modern whole-life assurance is a stockmarket-based investment product requiring the knowledge of a specialist.

Affordable Term Life Assurance - Term life cover is as economical as it’s ever been- particularly for women and the young.

Life Assurance Cost UK - Totting up the price of life assurance by totting up your family’s expenses.

Life Assurance Quote - A market full of new products and investment methods is changing the way we buy life assurance.

Life Assurance Comparison UK - A life policy is as much about you and your attitudes to risk in the long-term as it is about different policy offerings.

Life Assurance Cost - The factors which .affect the cost of life assurance.

Life Assurance Company UK - Why you can’t tell from performance alone which life company is right for you.

Best Life Assurance - Assessing the costs and investment record of life assurance funds.

Life Assurance Comparison - Where to find the right advice and market figures for term and whole of life assurance.