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Friends Provident Life Assurance

Well designed, good for clarity and ease of use. Shame the quote system isn’t perfect.

Website: Friends Provident Life Assurance

With Friends Provident Life Assurance only term policies can be bought online (as should be the case) and they’ve largely done a good job: the explanatory literature is excellent, and you can manage your account online once its been set up. Problems in some instances with getting a quote.

The Friends Provident Life Assurance website is a very clear, no-nonsense operation, steering away from the recent trend of over-glammed brands (remember how Abbey National just became Abbey…). First up, note that the site is split up with a section for ordinary folk like you and me, and section for financial advisers. So you can pretend to be an adviser, and have a peek at all the documentation they’d give you- like application forms and Friends Provident Life Assurance key features documentation. Sneaky buy helpful!

Sensibly, only term assurance is available online-for whole of life policies you’ll need an IFA, and cover can be immediate, without a medical. That gives you the option of level term cover (to protect your family) or decreasing term, to cover a mortgage. Friends Provident Life Assurance is available online to anyone over 18, under 65 at the end of the term, across five to 30 years, and to cover up to £250,000 if you’re under 55, up to £100,000 if you’re older.

It’s all badged up under the name Milestones. The Friends Provident Life Assurance term key features document is excellent- very well written indeed. There’s also a fair amount of equally well-written guide documentation; and you can administer your account online once it’s set up. On the downside, the online application didn’t work too well, and if you’ve ever been to hospital (and most of us have) you may have to phone your details in first anyhow.

Friends Provident News

Friends Provident launches new capital protected investment
Offshore life assurance company, Friends Provident International (FPI), has introduced a new, limited offer, capital protected investment, in conjunction with JP Morgan Chase Bank.